Ode To A Handy Man
By Beverly Berkenbilt

The light rests ore my table
glowing in the morning dark,
mindful of its new switch,
pretty as a meadow lark.

Soaking in a steaming hot tub,
no leaking pool for me,
I watch the bubbling water
captured until its freed.

The closet door glides open
its contents on display,
whatever shall I wear
on this bright and tidy day.

So many needed repairs,
so much restored like new,
the house a shining jewel,
alas, could I be fixed, too?


Caveats and Asterisks
by Beverly Berkenbilt

So many asterisks, so many caveats,
explaining and declaiming our lives,
dont ever, if this happens, in case of,
should you, not to, but, if... never!

Tiny squiggles, like little ink spills,
blot the page warning us
in four point pica of dire consequences
if we do this or that or anything.

Lets be bold for just a moment,
live on the edge of the erasure,
with a leaping faith of confidence
that good things will happen anyway.*

*Well... maybe.

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